Raider Token RR Nr. 4 (350 to 399) Gemini: 5 of Spades

NFT 4.09

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Raider Token Nr. 4.9 (350 to 399) Gemini: 5 of Spades

This NFT can be purchased for 0.0005 BNB.

Raider Token RR Nr. 4 (350 to 399) Gemini: 5 of Spades

This Raider Token (RAID) Collectable Card was created by WCM on June 05, 2022 for the Raider Token Raffle Nr. 4.


We all ❤️ Raider Token. That’s what holds our diverse, global community together. It’s our common bond. Our community is what is going to help us overcome any and all future challenges.

The Raider Token Project is Rugpull-Proof.

Some of these NFTs have traits that could be used in future Role-Playing Games.


The Conjoined Gemini Twin Sorceress is obsessive. She is willing to break the most fundamental laws of reality to achieve her goal.


Communication +3

Quick Wit +2


Trance Inducing Whisper +3: When used successfully, the the sorceress can put enemies into a trance state and keep them there almost indefinitely.

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